Perfume review: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s “Aperotos Eros”

Continuing on the perfume reviews, in hopes of becoming better at discerning notes and such.

Tonight I will wear (and review) BPAL’s Aperotos Eros. It’s part of the general catalogue, in the Ars Amatoria collection, and is (currently) available from the lab and priced at 17.50$.

I have failed to find a satisfying picture of the label, but it is the typical label of the Ars Amatoria collection, with a beige background and dark brown lettering wording out the name of the oil and of the lab. Quite stylish.

On to more important stuff..

The lab describes this oil as such:

“Strong as death, and cruel as the grave,
Clothed with cloud and tempest’s blackening breath,
Known of death’s dread self, whom none outbrave,
Strong as death,

Love, brow-bound with anguish for a wreath,
Fierce with pain, a tyrant-hearted slave,
Burns above a world that groans beneath.

Hath not pity power on thee to save,
Love? hath power no pity? Nought he saith,
Answering: blind he walks as wind or wave,
Strong as death.

Unloving love: benzoin, Indian musk, massoia bark, myrrh, ambrette seed, galbanum, bergamot, and fir.”

Wet in the bottle, I can smell the different resin-type notes such as myrrh, benzoin, musk and galbanum. There is a faint note of bergamot in the backround.

Wet on skin, the ambrette seed definitely comes out to play, and the indian musk is much stronger. The other notes are more subdued.

Dry on skin, the notes blend in together to become sort of indistinguishable musky blend. I can smell the pine very faintly.

This oil has a very grounded, very sexy musky feel. It’s definitely not “flighty”, definitely a dark type of perfume. This is a type of oil that probably could work well on a man as well as a woman (something that I consider very good). It’s deep and rich, without being overwhelming. If I had to describe it with a color, I would say a nice, warm sort of brown.

Definitely a keeper in my case (as if I needed more musky scents).


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