Here am I, starting yet another new blog. Why? Insomnia, if you must know.

But there is, in fact, more to it then just that. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of very interesting reflections, by interesting people, and it pushed me to start writing again.

I had tons of blogs over the last few years, most of which were very personal blogs about my daily life. This one I’ll strive to make a little different, and perhaps more interesting to read.

I offer here my reflections on a ton of subjects that interest me, and that I’ll introduce in this introduction post (how clever, right?)

First, I decided to write in English. I could have written in French. I just figured most of my french-speaking friends do speak English, why the opposite is rarely true. I usually express myself better in English, with a few exceptions depending on the subject and tone.

Onwards to the subject I hope to reflect on and share with people here.

Gaming: Recently, a lot of the “intellectual” debating in my life had to do with gaming. Morals and ethics relating to video games, controversy, the fated but oh so despicable “casual vs hardcore gamers” duality, so on so forth. I’ll touch upon of those matters here because they do matter to me.

Idols: I’m a huge japanese (and korean, to a certain extent) idols fan. By that I mostly mean female idols. And by mostly, i mean, rather exclusively. This isn’t intellectual by any means but it’s a big part of my life and I guess for once I’ll get to share my opinion on any new photobook, dvd, cd, tv show and whatnot.

Litterature: I stopped reading as much as I used to, but some books are just too good for me not to share the fun somewhere. I’m in no way going to “analyze” anything, because I’m both bad at it and hate it, but I will try to share my literary findings.

Movies & TV: Same as above, mostly.

Religion: Yes, I am a believer. No, not of the same religion as you (chances are, anyway). Yes, I’ll touch upon spiritual matters here. Because in every religion there is always debate on interpretation of certain terms, rules, laws, texts, etc. And as always… I have my 2 cents, and I’m willing to share it.

Politics and activism: What else did you expect, coming from me? I doubt I’ll convince anyone of my views, but at least I’ll have the chance to express my facts and reasons for my opinions without getting interrupted every two seconds by ignorance and close-mindedness. That is, if people bother to read through my entire posts without having the urge to comment after two lines. Which I doubt. But oh well.

Music: I’m a huge music fan, and I like to discover new stuff, and share. I’ll probably do CD reviews here. I need to work on my writing skills anyways.

I’m really considering allowing comments or not. It bothers me a lot. Let me explain: I’m an overly emotional person, with opinions that rarely, if ever, concur with the majority (or with anyone, for that matter). After a while… believe me, it gets exhausting, having to argue about every little piece of opinion you have because nobody ever thinks the same as you.

I know your probably all thinking “It’s the same for everyone”. But no it isn’t. Because some people have opinions closer either to the “social norm”, or to the norm of the group of people they associate themselves with. It doesn’t work either way for me.

Sometimes it’s just hard to be an u-15 idols fan who also happens to be a feminist… and to like tila tequila. and to be an anarcho communist… who enjoys luxury and materialism. and drinking coke.

But I’ll touch upon all of those matters, in time.

So here ends my introduction, and I’ll go and try and get some sleep, and post about some actual stuff tomorrow.


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